Six hours in a car, a walk around Liberty Hall to see where the Declaration of Independence and the constitution was signed, then 5 more hours on a plane. I’m done.
We totalled 6 states and 1650 miles in the car alone. I’m now thoroughly knowledgeable of America’s revolutionary history. Such an awesome experience!

Met some friends of my host parents today. They had recently gone to New Zealand on a cruise. Sad thing was they stopped in 4 places, 3 of which they couldn’t even pronounce properly. The weather wasn’t good for them and they got sick on their cruise, needless to say they didn’t have a great time. It made me sad. That’s a pretty lame way to see NZ. They said they wish they’d seen some of the sheep on a farm and not just their products. Maybe it’s just a little difficult to see farms from the sea.
I don’t understand this way of travelling. If you want to travel to a country, experience it! Don’t just stay in your comfort zone, you might as well stay in the same country forever. I’d hate for this piss weak excuse of a visit to allow them to cross New Zealand off their list.
If you’re going to travel, do it with some gusto for Christ’s sake.